Backyard wedding in Perth, Australia

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Arlene is one of my close friends. We grew up in the same small town in Australia together. We went to high school together. We went to university together. We became photographers together. We got our first studio space together. Now I am living in New York and she is heading off to live in the Solomon Islands to live with her lovely new husband Jake, our lives are now at two different extremes. I’m the city girl and she is the ocean loving free spirited one. It was such an honor to travel back to Perth to photograph her wedding day for he and more of an honor when Arlene is an amazing wedding photographer.

It was so great to be photographing an occasion where there were familiar faces and old dear friends.

Beyond excited to see where Arlene and Jake’s travels take them. Excited for their new life in the Solomon Islands.

Thank you to the my ever awesome sidekick Aimee who helped me out shooting this wedding 🙂