Who are YOU?

Who are you?

Each day, every day, over 300 of you visit this little blog {some days are extra special and over 1000+ visit me} and me being the curious person I am, want to know who all of you are.As a incentive for you to leave me a comment, I am going to give away a $20AUD iTunes voucher to one lucky person. So blog stalkers come out and leave me a comment, or two. Comments completely make my day! Even my week!

So tell me a little bit about yourself… who are you? where are you from? how long have you been visiting? are you a client, a friend of a client, a photographer, are you my friend, are you my mother? I know she checks in a regular basis! hehe =) What do you want to see more of on this blog, more wedding photos? more travel photos, more of me or more portrait photos? Everyone please leave a comment and this time next week I will announce the lucky winner of the itunes gift card!

Happy Thursday!

  • carlien said:

    hey samm,
    i heard about you from mr byrne...the photography teacher at ashs...i think he feels quite proud to have you and arlene come from his class...oh and arlene also told me about you...her mum was my art teacher at one stage and a good friend of my mum!
    i visit your site quite often because i really enjoy seeing the photos you take. it is obvious from what you have on here that you take great pride in what you do! you are truly a great artist!
    so yes...i am from albany, at ashs, and do photography with mr byrne!
    so keep doing what you are doing...you are a legend at it!

  • claredy said:

    Hurro Samm! I thought id break the comment cherry so to speek :) I totally love your work and its so inspiring :) Yours is one on my daily/weekly blogstalk regeime...and love to see new stuff. Was actually going to email you...but i might as well praise you out in the open lol.

  • Martin said:

    Hi Samm.
    I'm an amateur photographer in Perth, and after stumbling across your blog a few months ago, I added it to my RSS reader for several reasons:
    -you're local
    -I know Arlene (same church)
    -you've taken some great pics
    -I like viewing other photographer's photos for ideas/stimulation/etc

  • katie said:

    Hi! =) I found your blog somehow while looking for photography tips. Or it could have been looking for something else regarding photography...maybe googling lenses? I don't know, but anyway, I put you in my bloglines and now I check in every time you post. Love your photos. I bought a DSLR a few months ago and have been having fun learning how to use it. I was already familiar with manual exposure settings because my P&S had a manual mode, but with the exchangeable lenses, there are so many more possibilities! I look to the pros' websites to show me what good photos look like, give me inspiration, and hopefully, some pointers.

    I live in the Southern USA.

  • photo444 said:

    First saw your work on the Wordpress "photography" feed with this work

    Documentary Photographer
    Located in Southern California USA

  • I'm a photographer from Armidale, NSW who is always looking for fresh inspiration. I definitely find it here. I was directed here from Ms Polka of Polka Dot Bride who also digs your work!

  • Hey Samm!
    I write Aussie wedding blog Polka Dot Bride
    I think I've been reading you for 8ish months? I'm a bit of a photography addict and am always searching out Aussie wedding stars. I stumbled here and never left :) Love your style!

  • Allison said:

    aw hey samm, you know i've been following you for what.. almost 10 years now?! it's amazing to see how you've grown and matured into this incredible photographer. couldn't be more proud of you!

  • Jen said:

    Hi Samm :)

    I read because you are so talented you make me want to ask if people want fries with that!

  • Alana said:

    Hi, I stumbled upon your website (and then your blog) after looking for Wedding photographers in Perth. I instantly fell in love with your work and check in at least once a week to "ooh and aah" over any new photos posted. Your photographs inspire me to say the least.

  • Hi Sam,

    My name is Mel Plambeck and I am a photographer in Victoria! I came across your site by accident, but am sooooo glad I did! I love your work!! It is very inspiring and fresh! It's great to see another young photographer getting out there and giving it all you've got to make your business work! I too am 26, and have been running my business for the last 2 years... I am just at the point of peaking and the work is flowing in.. and i'm LOVING it!
    Thank You so much for truly showing who you are and everything about yourself and your work! I am truly in admiration!
    I would love to meet one day (although Perth and Vic are a little distance away) to chat everything photography!

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Kind Regards,

    RubiiDesign Photography :)

  • Tasj said:

    Me!! I love your work and can't wait to run into you somewhere so I can tell you in person.

  • Fiona Evans said:

    Hi Samm
    A friend of mine got married in December last year and mentioned you were her photographer (about 2 months before the wedding). I regularly visited the site, absolutely besotted with the wedding photography. The images you capture are so touching and really show the love between two people, telling their amazing story to the world through photographs.
    I look forward to seeing more of these beautiful images.

  • Claire said:

    we've booked you for our wedding in december, like i said when i saw you at the expo i am addicted to your blog, love seeing all of the photos, but of course the wedding ones in particular! :) also love the dog portraits - would love to have one of our dog but i don't think he would sit still long enough or stop licking the camera!! and love your travel pics - we have just been to India and your photos of the Taj etc put ours to shame :P

  • i am your friend
    i am your second shooter
    i am in awe of your work
    i am a big fan of yours
    i am so happy that we spend time together

    i am here everyday...

  • Belinda said:

    Hi Samm! We just booked you for our wedding on November 16, and I love checking your blog once every now and then. Good on you for having so many secret admirers - you certainly deserve it! All the best x

  • Wendy said:

    Your work is amazing! I am a wedding planner in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. I read so many blogs every day and learn something from each one. I was so glad to read about you on Polka Dot Bride's blog today. I will be checking back again! Glad I happened on you!

  • Penny said:

    Hey Samm,
    Ben and I have you booked for our wedding in July!
    I come on here every now and then to see all your fabulous photos, remind myself how brilliant you are, and how fabulous it is that we have you for our day!!

  • Bec said:

    Hi Samm,

    I am a friend of someone who got married last year and you were their wedding photographer. Since then i have 'stalked' your blog probably once or twice a week to see the absolutely amazing wedding photos. I love how you really capture the warmth and beauty of people. I am going to be a winter bride this year and if it wasn't for a tight budget we would have LOVED for you to be our photographer, so for now i'll just be happy looking and admiring everyone elses photos and pretending they are me :)

    A fan

  • Sadie said:

    Hey Samm!

    I'm from North Carolina, Unite States. Don't remember how (or when -- it's been a while) I came across your site and blog, but LOVE LOVE LOVE your work and check in regularly. You images are amazing and such an inspiration, absolutely one of my favorite blogs I check. While photography has always been a hobby of mine, my husband and I are slowly purchasing equipment from our wish list and starting to do some work on the side. Any advice or insight you might have would be greatly appreciated!
    Keep up the amazing work -- I look forward to new posts from you!

  • Bree said:

    Not really a friend or a photographer...just your average garden variety stalker here. Came across your website (and Arlene's) via weddingwa when helping a friend plan her wedding a while back. Have been addicted to both ever since!

  • arlene bax said:

    Hi Sammi

    I sit on the other side of the wall, with in yelling distance, haha.
    So great sharing office space with you. Thanks for all your wonderful daily wisdom andd happiness.
    You rock my world.

  • Alethea said:

    Hey Samm,

    I some how stumbled across your blog one day and have checked up on it everyday since! I am an amateur photographer from Bunbury and i am in love with your work. When my partner pops the question i can guarantee that I will make our wedding budget work in my (and your) favour so I can have you take photos like these of us! I cannot wait.... Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Jamie said:

    Hello from Traverse City, MI. I stumbled across your blog somehow...I don't remember how. Your site is BEAUTIFUL and your photos are AMAZING and everything I hope to have in wedding photography if I ever get married. I'm a fine artist myself and hold a
    high regard for photography. Thanks for putting beauty out into the world!


  • Hannah Hickling said:

    Hi Samm,

    you're photographing our wedding at the end of October & I drop past your blog every now & then to look at your photos & daydream about how fantastic our album will be! :)

  • Lara said:

    Hi Samm,

    You know how I first came across you, WPPA, I Love your work!! Going to Singapore in a week, when I come back lets do coffee:)


  • bronya said:

    Hey Samm

    A bit late I know, but thought I would add a comment to let you know I do visit ... love your photos and appreciate everything you have done for us ...

    Owen, Bron and Ella

  • Karla said:

    Hi Samm

    I found your website through eBridal, Im a local Perth gal.

    I am currently planning my wedding which is in October 2008, its been pretty busy /stressfull time along with full-time work and all the usual issues that come along with planning a wedding!

    I have to say, looking at your images makes me relax a bit and take a step back.They are so beautiful and so romantic.

    I would love to have booked you for my wedding, unfortunately our rather meager budget does not allow for someone with your talents.

    I am so envious of your life ! It must be amazing doing what you love, creating the beautiful images for people and your funky studio in Freo looks amazing !

    More than once Ive considered your office manager postion, as my work gets a bit stressful most of the time, it would be fantastic to be absorbed into your world ! Plus I have a keen interest in photography myself.

    Anyway, you wanted to know who your blog stalkers are, this is who I am !


  • Gwen said:

    I check your work daily. I guess I'm your number one fan. Love your work and Love you. Mum

  • Carol said:

    I found your website through Arlene Baxs' - (and she doesn't even know me!!)I am from Canada (Ontario) and i periodically check out her and your website! I think you are both amazing photographers and enjoy both your work very much. Keep up the great work!

  • Diana said:

    I know this is an old post, but I thought you might still be interested in where your visitors are coming from. I am a transplant from the U.S living in Freo. I take tons of photos with my point and shoot (completely amateur) and post them on www.flickr.com. I usually check my stats to see what kind of search strings people are using to find my photos. Sometimes I will check those search strings on Google or Yahoo images just to see what else comes up, and when the searches are about Fremantle, I've seen quite a few of your photos included. And then I'm drawn in! I go to your site and scroll through all of your beautiful work that's been updated since the last time I stumbled across it. Your photos are so full of life. So, I just wanted to say that you create wonderful images and I hope you continue to be successful in your business.