tamara and chris


  • I realy love your style. So glad I discovered your blog.
    One more time, amazing work.

  • Chloe said:

    What a beautiful set and a beautifully relaxed wedding day. You've captured just how comfortable they are in each other's company. I feel like I was actually there, outside, celebrating their day with them. You're really a pretty amazing artist.

  • trish said:

    SO STUNNING!!!! Love the smiles and the colours to bits, and the venue looks amazing.

  • Tamara Sweeney said:

    Oh Samm.... soooo amazing!!!! There really are not words for how beautiful your photos are. You have captured everything we had hoped for and more!!! xxx

  • Pobke said:


  • Michelle said:

    Samm, these are stunning! I felt like I was there all over again and even saw some things I completely missed on the day.

    Thank you! I know that we'll all cherish these incredible images forever. x

  • alyda said:

    oh what a perfect wedding. crikey you're good blakesamantha!

  • Derek Ho said:

    The photos look so delicious I can eat them :)

  • Awesome work Samm, so many great shots. Really love your style.

  • Marija said:

    absolutely amazing!!!!!!

  • tasj said:

    Yep...it's gorgeous. That pine tree at the tree place (you know where I mean) is my favourite tree in Perth :) xxx

  • Sammy, this goes right up there with all good stuff that is brilliant!

  • Kelly Worlock said:

    These photos are amazing. It was a beautiful wedding and the photos definitely capture its beauty. Fantastic!

  • Phenomenal images Samm. I love the warm colours and dreamy black and whites. You haven't missed a minute of their day. Well done.

  • aga said:

    love this wedding; very quirky, awesome moments and vibe!