Sarah and Rob were married on a wet & rainy morning in Melbourne. They had a intimate little ceremony with their closest loved ones, followed by a long lunch at Siglo Bar. We dodged many a raindrop while we wandered the lane ways and the many pedestrians in Chinatown. The following day, they put on their wedding attire again and had a big fancy dinner and a night of dancing with all their family and friends at the Newport Substation.

  • gladys said:

    oh, samm. you are one of very few photographers that inspire, and leave me speechless every time. there is so much beauty in how you see people + the world + your surroundings. so inspiring! beautiful work as always. also, some frames in this post remind me of art + the heart nyc :)

  • Ben said:

    amazing bw set Samm! Inspired

  • gina said:

    every single frame. and ... all in b/w
    stunning, samm

  • Lyn said:

    breathtaking... just magic

  • Oli said:

    Totally stunning Sammi. Damn.

  • Amy said:

    Ga.Ga.Ga. Gorgeous PERIOD. every single moment of this is fantastic.

  • freedom said: such magical moments!

  • Myekie said:

    Love this Samm. My home town really has some moody faces sometimes. <3 Myekie

  • Stewart said:

    How beautifully documented! And don't you just love that Melbourne weather :)

  • Kristy said:

    Sooooooooooooo amazing Samm! Yay for rainy wedding days :) x

  • Anna said:

    Holy shitballs! These are so timeless. I want to have another wedding just so you can shoot it. Amazing.

  • Incredible images Samm that made me smile and brought a tear to my eye!

  • Daniel said:

    I second Anna's comment Holy shitballs! Samm beautiful work, watch out Melbourne.

  • nirav said:

    Miss you my friend. These are incredible.

  • Magnus said:

    Great set! Love that you ran all in black & white, and that they all seem to be shot with existing light. I am curious as to what lens/camera combinations you typically bring for something like this, when you know lighting conditions are going to change dramatically as the day turns into evening and then night. Do you travel light, bringing as little as possible, or do you pack a lot?