Rebecca & Tom – Perth, Australia

This wedding day….. ohhhh my, I loved it all so very much. Such a beautiful day in so many ways. The thing I loved most about this wedding was the real Australian feel it had to it and there is no denying… I absolutely love and completely adore weddings under the stars.


  • holy shit sammy..... what an amazing wedding seen through amazing eyes.. you rock

  • Absolutely breathtaking work! I love everything about this wedding! The reception shots are especially amazing, the lighting is beautiful!

  • sui said:

    so beautiful. I love the way you shot her getting ready. that image with the phone! <3

  • Pobke said:

    oh sammy... these are deliciously beautiful. just love how you are always THERE in the precious moments. you amaze me! :)

  • soooo many pretty pictures but holy cow, I love the phone cord capture clever girl!!!!

  • trish said:

    Wow. This is all kind of perfect. One of my faves of yours for sure!

  • Fernando said:

    Super cool wedding!! Awesome candids! Gorgeous light.

  • kristie said:

    gosh I love your work, simply beautiful.

  • Hey Samm, Fantastic work. Love it. Your images are stunning.

  • Hey Samm, Fantastic work. Love it. Your images are stunning.

  • Chloe said:

    Wow. You really are an artist.

  • Jebus. These are amazing. I love the tones. The light. The wedding itself. This could have been shot in southern Carolina for all I know. Fantastic!

  • Oh man, I love wedding shots. Gorgeous dress - very original

  • wow looks like a really really awesome wedding!!! check out the details!!!! gorgeous styling too!!! funny I know one of the bridesmaid - Amelia McPhee. she was also the bridesmaid at my good friend's wedding in Sydney a year ago.

  • Amazing place to have romantic wedding. Rebecca and Tom are gorgeous couple. Thank you for fantastic presentation.