Penny and Ben – Wedding

Penny and Ben were married in late July just before I headed off to the USA, finally home and have the photos from their beautiful day to share :)

They got married at the chapel at St Hilda’s in Mosman Park. After the ceremony we headed to UWA and Kings Park for photos before heading to Frasers for the reception. Getting married in the middle of winter is always a bit risky with the weather, but these guys were so lucky with the weather, it was a beautiful sunny day. I would highly recommend getting married in winter in Perth!

I absolutely loved Penny’s dress – it was from Samantha Wynne in Subiaco. When I first arrived at Penny’s house and saw the dress hanging up, I got extra excited cause I knew all the photos in the pine forest were going to look so beautiful :)

Penny and Ben, your wedding was awesome! We had so much fun spending the day with you guys!


  • Brackenphoto said:

    SAMM! Are you kidding me, sister?

    This is some of your best work yet. Love it!

  • manus said:

    Your B/W images are great! Love the pine forest.

  • great shooting. Love that location of pines in Kings Park. Fabulous pics you've got from it. The Couple will just love them.

  • Penny said:

    We love them Samm!

  • Wiki Lee said:


    Just found out your website from a friend.
    I thought you would like to know what I think...
    I don't normally impress with OZ photographers, but you are different.
    Fabulous works.