Nikky + Danilo

Nikky and Danilo, how I love these two. Nobody in the church knew it was pouring with rain outside during the ceremony. Nikky and Danilo were the first to exit the church, I opened the doors for them and they were greeted with the rain storm. Instead of freaking out, they just laughed and laughed and laughed. It was my favorite part of their wedding day. I think it shows the type of people they are. ♥♥♥. We were lucky to dodge the rain most of the afternoon, running undercover and into the Moores Building when it got a bit crazy outside. Just as we were finishing up shooting in Fremantle, we had to run like mad to the cars, I got absolutely drenched, head to toe. I loved it.

  • They are great Samm, I totally love the one when they running to the Limo in the rain! <3

  • Lauren said:

    beautiful sammy! the beach shots are to die for... please blog more weddings, i love em xxxx

  • alyda said:

    oh samm! I are so good!

  • They look so inlove, you've captured them so well Samm. Beautiful! <3

  • Nirav said:

    So beautiful Samm! My favorite is the running to the limo shot. Just something about it... Awesome work.

  • Nikky said:

    <3 Thankyou SO much Samm! These are AMAZING! I think I look at the gallery shots and slideshow every day! I love them all, it's SO hard to pick favourites. Legging it to the limo was fun(ny)... such dedication to your work snapping photos during the downpour! xxx

  • Kirsty said:

    Samm I think this is one of my favs LOVE LOVE LOVE it

  • lisak said:

    These are so, so wonderful! I love the shot of them running to the limo! Classic! You're work is constantly inspiring Samm : )

  • Beautiful Samm! I love how the bride didn't stop smiling/laughing all day! Looks like lots of fun. Love love love the shot in the church where they are both sitting down looking at each other - so cheeky!

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  • these are beautiful!! i'm so happy to have found your site, and i'm enjoying looking through your work!

  • Minna said:

    Hi, beautiful photo's. The recption venue looks stunning...where is it? Thanks