New website … coming soon!

One of the exciting projects I have been working hard on over the past few weeks is that I am launching a new wedding website + portrait website. I was over the old layouts, they have treated me well but decided it was time to create something new. I am in the very final stages of the wedding website to be ready, all I really have to do is finalize the music. Ive decided to pay to have licensed music on my wedding site because the three songs I have chosen suit the photos really well and just makes the whole viewing experience so powerful. It’s going to be SWEET. I just have to find out about one more copyright fee I have to pay, fingers crossed it will not cost to much! If any Aussies know exactly how much it will cost please fill me in because I do not want to wait until Monday to find out.

Hopefully it will be live by Tuesday or Wednesday!

  • Bree said:

    Congratulations! Very exciting news - can't wait to see the new page.

  • Kirsty said:

    Come on hurry up launch it already, i can not wait any longer LOL
    Are we still doing lunch this week, let me know if you still have the time.

  • arlene bax said:

    Hey samm
    my emails playing up and wont let me send out today. Can you please email me Davids number or the customs number and job code if you happen to go past the office so that I can call them.