My Office / Studio


Last week I had to take some photos of my office for an magazine my business is being featured in.. I was in a bit of a rush when I took these as I was about to miss the deadline.. I have been being meaning to post some photos of my new office for a long time now.. so here you go!


My work desk where I spend the majority of my days editing all the cool weddings, portraiture and other work I shoot. My new Mac’s arrived yesterday so the layout of my desks are a little different now.. there are now four computers in here and things are a little crowded!


My client meeting area! Im about to get a rear projection screen thingy in soon too which will project onto the wall on the left hand side under the stair case. That flower sculpture is now gone, thinking about putting a bookself there to house my display albums!

These were the before photos during the painting stage… the big wall got painted a coffee / grey colour.




And this is the first post from my new macpro – its very speedy. I LOVE IT.

  • allison said:

    your space is AMAZING samm.. so proud of you!

  • Lorraine said:

    Hi Samm
    I was at Fotofreo on Sunday and the person you share an office with was talking about you to some photographers. Your name rang a bell. I have some ramm to sell for a new model Mac and one of my IT friends at work said he'd been on a photographer's website and the person said they'd bought some new machines. Not everyone runs Macs and I didn't make the connection until your office mate mentioned your name and I looked through your blog. I think he was looking at someone's wedding photos and he read your blog about your new office. I know this is unsolicited but I wondered if you'd be interested in the Ram. I have just upgraded my computer but have 8 Kingston 1GB RAM Kits for Mac Pro Desktop to sell. They sell for about $100-$120 each on ebay but I have been a bit slack and only advertised them in a camera shop as follows: $90 per 1GB RAM / $340 for 4 GB RAM
    / $630 for 8 GB RAM. My computer is only 12 months old but I needed more Ram so the new ram replaced the kits I am selling. If you are interested I'll reconsider the price. I figure that not many people would want that much ram but looking at your photos I am guessing that your machines must be working overtime running Photoshop. Okay, your photos look great. Apologies if I'm taking up your valuable time reading all this,

  • gohzi said:

    Your office is amazing! All that light is awesome. And the setup of your office is soo neat and tidy. I love it!
    Do you use the Macpro for editing photos now? How is it compared to your PC?

  • richwilcox said:

    like the framing on your art pieces Samm, have been getting some of my works done in a similar style