michelle & andy

Michelle & Andy were married last October (ah yes, im a little behind on my blogging). They got ready in the same house but in separate rooms and on separate levels. I liked how they got ready in the same house as I got to switch between the two, documenting the different happenings and energies in the rooms. We then set off to do most of the portrait photos of Michelle and Andy with their bridal party before the ceremony. Poor Michelle was attacked by mosquitoes during the shoot. I almost had a nervous breakdown on her behalf, I drove like a crazy woman to the chemist to buy every tablet and cream available that would settle the bites. Thank god the bites went down and you would have not known by the time it was the ceremony :)  (I now carry a bottle of Stingoes in my camera bag ;). They had a lovely ceremony overlooking the Indian ocean just before sunset. We then hugged and said our goodbyes and they ran off into the sunset to their wedding reception. It was a lovely day. xo


  • gladys said:

    samm, you're incredible. especially love the last 3, and b&ws.

  • Kristy said:

    Such beautiful images, love the light. And such a cute couple :) Love the fact that you went to the chemist for the bride - glad it worked out!!

  • Oli said:

    Samm you're the bomb. You're probably going to stop couples getting married though. Who would bother going through the whole process when they could just buy someone else's album like this? There'd be a few teeny ethical dramas in offloading couples albums to other couples, but ethics are for schmucks. And the Pope. Well not really the Pope, but that's a whole other can of worms.

  • Tenielle said:

    You document beautiful silent stories. I love the way Andy looks at Michelle, sends shivers down my spine. True adoration.

  • Lyn said:

    exquisite, I love the way you've captured the way he looked at her, such a sensitive touch Samm, gorgeous

  • Angelique said:

    Very Chic! Love it. I photograph children on location mostly and keep this brilliant organic bug repellent in my shoot box - it doesn't smell bad at all and low allergy reaction risk - I never leave home without it. http://www.vanessamegan.com/products/Bug-Off-Me-Spray-100ml.html

  • Sarah said:

    Samm, I wish I could view the world through your eyes. You have such a special way of looking at events and people and capturing raw emotion and pure beauty.

  • Myekie said:

    I just love the series with Michelle walking down the stairs and Andy watching. Very skillful. Just soooo good Samm.

  • Thommo said:

    Just beautiful Sammy. Well worth the wait

  • Julia Wade said:

    Samm.. such exquisite photographs. Incredible work..

  • Annika said:

    Oh I love this. Absolutely amazing, good job!

  • geneoh said:

    great work, samm. some of my favorites from you

  • Shannon said:

    So beautiful! Any idea where the bride got her dress?

  • Bettina said:

    Beautiful Samm

  • Tyler said:

    Samm Blake. you blow me away. thanks for sharing this series.

  • Hannah said:

    These are amazing photographs, so skilled !

  • Scout said:

    Love these Samm. Captured every moment perfectly. The earring shot is pretty funny too, made me lol haha.