a Manhattan weddingMerry & Matthew


Merry and Matthew married on a very chilly day earlier in the year. With freezing temperatures outside, I started documenting their day at the Soho Grand in Manhattan. They had separate rooms on separate levels so no accidentally bumping into each other and then a very sweet reunion took place in the bar in front of their close friends and family. I loved photographing their reactions to seeing each other all dressed up. We went and took some pictures on the High Line (a park built on an historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side) and around the meatpacking district. We then headed to Del Posto, an Italian restaurant for their ceremony and celebrations in the restaurant’s basement. The speeches were beautiful and the dancing was crazy.. a perfect night! :)



  • Sheye Rosemeyer said:

    Just incredible Sammy..every single image. You are too, too good.

  • Seth said:

    Wow, love these Samm... exquisite!

  • Oli said:

    Bam. Another slam from auntie Samm.

  • Sam these are beyond fabulous xxx I so love they way you see the world xx

  • Nicola said:

    Beautiful images Samm! I felt like I was there just looking at them x

  • Your use of light is beautiful! I love these images!

  • Hanneke said:

    Wow i love this!
    Those black and whites are stunning!!!

  • Bettina said:

    So good Samm!

  • anda said:

    wow, samm. this is so inspiring.

  • N said:

    Gorgeous photos, just wonderful!

  • Marcin said:

    I'm on You blog first time but I will be ofen come back. Great images and makover mmmmm :D cheers from Poland