Lisa and Steve flew me over to Sydney to photograph their beautiful wedding at Wendy Whiteley’s Garden in Lavendar Bay and reception at Fisherman’s Wharf Chinese Restaurant at the Fish Markets. One of the most enjoyable parts of my very wonderful job is that I get to step into peoples lives for a day and experience something different to my own life. I am a people watcher. Im fascinated by people to know end. I could sit in an airport all day and watch people coming and going, making up stories about their lives. Its the reason I am a photographer. The reason why I am a people photographer and the reason why I am attracted to photographing weddings. I get to people watch but I do not have to make up stories about them, I get to step in and experience them. I love that I get to experience all different types of wedding ceremonies, different cultures, religions and different family dynamics. I love when a couple from two different cultures come together and seeing how they combine both their heritages in the most spectacular fashion. I loved the importance Lisa and Steve placed on all their dear family and friends throughout their wedding day. There is a quote I have been thinking a lot about lately, a quote from Christopher McCandless “Happiness is only real when shared”, these words were his final diary entry before dying in the wilderness alone. I cant think of anything truer about happiness when I look back at the images captured at this wedding.

Lisa and Steve, thank you for bringing me to Sydney and letting me step into your lives for a day. I loved it.

  • Gabe said:

    samm...these are perfection. i love every frame. you have such a beautiful eye.

  • Unbelieveable....beautiful images. Love your creative eye.

  • Gorgeous Samm... lovely, special, simple, classic, romantic, real and... lovely! You really have a talent at capturing the natural beauty & expressions of people and the precious moments that flow throughout their day.

  • oi. sammy. i heart this beyond words can say. seriously... something about this gorgeous couple speaks to me, and they couldn't have possibly picked a more perfect photographer to capture their day. you, my friend, are so frigging amazing at what you do. you bottle up love tremendously well in that camera of yours. xoxo

  • so many faves in here samm... you did such a beautiful job

  • Gea said:

    LOVELY! <3. It always brings a smile on my face when I look at one of your shootings!

  • LOVE your work Samm. I'm a Perth photog living in Melbourne so can relate to your trajectory!
    xx Shannon