jenna and josh

You may recognise Jenna and Josh from the hit tv series The Block Josh proposed to Jenna live to air during the series… thankfully she said yes! Many months later, their master plan came together for their beautiful wedding at the Convert Gallery in Daylesford.   I was luckily enough to be there to document the day for them and also bought along my talented friend Dan O’Day along for the ride to help me document the day :) x



  • Love theses guys! Beautifully shot Samm. Your editing is amazing!

  • cam said:

    Wow. Beautiful work Samm and Dan....Hugs....x

  • Awesome-sauce sammy! Great to see this one in full swing, so many fleeting moments captured so skillfully :)

  • MITCH POHL said:

    samm! this post is incredible. :-) great stuff

  • Rog said:

    jiggy jam master j-what? jamazing. simply jamazing.

  • Nic said:

    Wow beautiful location, love the verandah and trees, beautifully shot and how blessed to have you AND Dan!

  • Bek said:

    oh my gosh samm, just oh my gosh....

  • Tenielle said:

    You guys are the best team! Funny thing is for the longest time I kept saying Samm O'Blake anyways, I wasn't too far off :)

  • Phil said:

    Hot Simmity Samm this is wonderful. You and Mr. Dan make a helluva tag team.

  • Leah said:

    Ahhhh two cute pregnant bellies amongst the girls. So cute!! Amazing work Samm & Dan :)

  • jazzy said:

    Love them samm. Beautiful documentation of a beautiful day.

  • freedom said:

    so much gorgeousnesssssss going on samm & dan! love it! f x

  • Yeah yeah Sammy Samm - beautiful day, captured beautifully xx

  • Simon said:

    Another cracker!! What amazing styling.

  • Bambi said:

    Love the colourful bouquet. Beautiful scenes!

  • Scout said:

    perfect. can't look away. yup.


  • gladys said:

    samm, samm, samm! beautiful as always.

  • Rebecca said:

    I was just watching a re-run of The Block and curiosity hit me, who shot Josh & Jenna's wedding? Beautiful job, it looks like they had a gorgeous day captured so well by you and Dan.

  • Hannah said:

    Perfect wedding they look so cute and there a cute couple