emma and andy


  • Katie said:

    Love it! Every image so warm and heartfelt.

  • Tasj said:

    What a very sweet couple and so beautifully captured. x x x

  • andi said:

    beautiful as always, sammm. sigh....i just love your work.

  • Derek Ho said:

    Wow stunning wedding. LOVE the Guildford setting!

  • Chris McQueen said:

    Beautiful images of a beautiful bride and handsome groom.

  • kelly van viersen said:

    samm!!!!! eeeekkkk!! i so love these....they're so beautiful!! love love LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!

  • aimee said:

    absolutely beautiful samm! looking at these makes it seem as if i was there myself :) i love the details, superb :)

  • Bronwen Woodward said:

    Your work is beautiful. Makes me want to get married, again!

  • aga said:

    love looking at the way you capture people.

  • Emik said:


    incredible work! I love the fact that your images look soft. It has this organic, personal feel to it. Image under "EAL-339" is simply stunning, and is my fav from this wedding...

  • trish said:

    so warm and delightful and tender and just perfect. You have the sweetest gift to always give. <3

  • Lauren said:

    WOW. WOW. WOW.

    Words don't even do these justice!!!

  • love it all sammy, you see real good.. particularly love the colour in 317 xx

  • alyda said:

    gaaahhhh amazing! those ones in the late arvo with the big tree = *gasp*

  • Pobke said:

    beautiful, sammy, as i would expect from you. i love all the soft, tender moments you caught... makes me want to hug them! :)

  • nirav said:

    You are a true artist Samm. Always inspiring to see your work!

  • Lovely work again Sam, just a lovely soft calm feeling. Where is that homestead. it looks familiar. I'm sure I have seen it in one of my fathers old pastoral homesteads books.

  • This is amazing, definitely one of my favorites you've ever done.

  • Looking so beautiful, Emma! Amazing photos! (all the girls on the office are gawking at all the photos at the moment) :)
    We would love to put your photos in the real brides section of our website, if that's ok with you.

  • Karin said:

    Gorrrrrgeous Samm - can't wait to see ours!!!

  • Alex said:

    A beautiful story well told! :-)