Claudia and Trent

Today I photographed the beautiful wedding of Claudia and Trent. I always love photographing really unique weddings and Claudia and Trent’s wedding was exactly that. They had their ceremony on board the Midnight Express in the middle of the Swan River. The weather turned out beautiful just as we hoped, especially considering its July and yesterday was absouletly pouring down with rain. I would write more but its 9pm Friday night and in need of a glass of wine…I just wanted to post my favourites from today up as I am out of town for the next few days!


First up, I absolutely loved Claudias shoes, they were so cute!


Trent saying his vows, you could tell he really loves Claudia =)





Claudia’s dress was beautiful, very simple yet very elegant. She looked stunning in it!



Some dolphins came to congulate the newly weds!