anna and lucas . perth


  • Pobke said:

    stunning, twinsie... has such a glamorous old time feel to it. :) love.

  • michelle said:

    amazing. speechless. and just quietly the bride is stunning.

  • Samm, sometimes it's really hard to comment without sounding so cliche or you know someone's already said something, OMG! gorgeous, prettiness, stunning, amazing etc... when I see something so extraordinary something like this, it just stops me in my tracks and all I can do really is take it all in. All of the beautiful cliches rolled into one. So I have FIND workshop next year and I think I will be spending all my savings going your workshop and Pobke Magic workshop! eeeeekkkkk!!! I'd be so broke! ha ha ha.

  • Derek Ho said:

    Beautiful nostalgia. Familiar places but totally different energy :)

  • Samm, I just love how you see.... :-) ... Amazing work!

  • Kirsty said:

    Just a little bit awesome Blake :)

  • Natalie said:

    Extraordinary. Absolutely breathtaking Samm.

  • How do I say this......I wish you were hateable with this sort of talent. But instead you're loveable and just a little bit inspirational - damn you Blake Samantha!!!!

  • Tenielle said:

    Listening to the strokes and looking at this post. Chills, chills, chills. Supremely beautiful as always.

  • trish said:

    you have a talent like no other, absolutely amazing. <3<3<3 xo

  • Ally said:

    Samm, this capture is just beautiful x

  • Arlene said:

    So beautiful, one of my favorites.

  • what a beautiful day, captured perfectly! you are something else, samm!

  • stew said:

    amazing, simple, beautiful :)

  • egle b said:

    so simple and so beautiful. as always in your work

  • stunning work as usual Samm. You are such a gift to world of wedding photography.

  • I adore your photography. This is beautiful as is the bride. The couple must be thrilled with these timeless images!

  • alyda said:

    this deserves at least 17 hugs or maybe even 18.

    so good sammy. you are amazing

  • what a lovely wedding. the bride is gorgeous and the photography of the day was just as beautiful.

  • pj said:

    love always ;)

  • Louisa said:

    Just stunning! What a beautiful bride and gorgeous photographs of course. You've captured so many beautiful, intimate moments.

  • Soooooo many great shots. What beautiful images of a stunning wedding.

  • Absolutely GORGEOUS! So stylish! Love the brides veil. So many beautiful, candid, and sweet moments captured.

  • Julianna said:

    I love, love, love, LOVE your interpretation of this wedding - especially the bride in a black dress! I LOVE black wedding dresses - if I'd my own way, I would have worn a black wedding dress at my wedding!