Amy and Craig Verdouw – 1st December 2007 – Sneek Peek!

This is just a sneek peek of Amy and Craigs beautiful wedding day – so many amazing photos, this is just a little peek into their amazing day – a full post will come later when I catch up on the editing. I have photographed 5 amazing weddings this past 4 weeks, and to say the least I am swamped in work! I have been working over 85 hour weeks to get everyones photos up in time for christmas – thanks for your patience everyone! Amy and Craigs photos are now all live at the slideshow and proofing websites.. Family and friends: you have to guess their password – the hint is: they were once two, now they are one. haha =)  If you cant work it out, please email me!









  • Beautiful. I'm a budding wedding photographer in the US, and I love your style. Just out of curiosity do you use film or digital? Some of your photos have a lovely film darkroom texture. Also, if you don't mind answering... As a photojournalistic photographer, do you tend to orchestrate slightly or just capture the moments as they happen? Thanks! I love your work!