amber and gary . margaret river


  • Natalie said:

    Lovely Samm! Such a beautiful location too...I miss Margaret River.

  • Nakalan said:

    my word. just magnificent, really.

  • Kirsty said:


    LOVE the back seat image LOVE

  • alyda said:

    Oh wow her dress is amazing and your images are even more amazing. I give this 27 out of 10 :)

  • Yeah, the back seat of the car shot..........that's the bomb!

  • kelly van viersen said:

    beautiful the way you capture the day....gosh you get some cool brides too! love that dress <3

  • Erica Johnson said:

    Wow Samm... love the ones on the rocks at the beach and the one of the little "tutu" girl on the floor. :) And kudos to the bride for an awesome dress!

  • Wow, these are amazing. That first portrait of Amber looking straight at the camera, the flower girl face down on the floor and the wide beach shots with the rocks and all the clouds are my favourites, they're breathtaking.

  • Jodie said:

    Beautiful photos as always Sam.

  • Cat said:

    Incredible photos. Love the contrasts of the wild ocean and then the jovial dancing.
    And yes, that dress is STUNNING!

  • I thoroughly miss Margaret River. Easily one of my favourite places in the world.

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  • Oh man she wore a black dress so very cool. A woman of my own heart

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