Amanda’s father straightening out her dress moments before they walk down the aisle at St George’s Cathedral.

The above image would be my all time favourite image Michael has captured at a wedding. This image is the whole reason why I like to have a second shooter with me when I shoot weddings. This sweet moment would have been missed because I was photographing the groom when this happened (the below image). Incase your wondering who this Michael fellow is… he is my beloved and these days he assists me at most my weddings :)

  • Daniel said:

    Beautiful shot Michael, well done!

  • oh my goodness, that first shot is AMAZING !!!
    I LOVE everything about it...

  • nice work you two, so nice to see mikies work on here aswell.

  • aimee said:

    a really beautiful photo - i love it :)

  • sarah said:

    Clever couple - Dream team! Good work you Blake-Cuccaro's xxx

  • oh me oh my. such such gorgeous shots. love love the emotions caught in the last one. amazing.