aimee & tim


Aimee & Tim married in late March last year on Aimee’s parents property that she grew up playing in. Aimee is a darling friend of mine, she is a talented photographer and works with me at many of my weddings. It was such a pleasure to travel back to Western Australia to photograph her wedding for her. Weddings under the stars are my favorite. x



  • Scout said:

    absolutely beautiful!!! thanks for sharing x x

  • Bettina said:

    A beautiful wedding, looks so relaxed and happy. Amazing photos Samm you have captured the feelings and love so beautifully as always . xx

  • Just adore this wedding so so delicate and beautiful... I can also feel how laid back it was perfectly captured. x

  • Xanthe said:

    your storytelling is magic. always.

  • your imagery always leaves me feeling like I have had an amazing meal at the most expensive restaurant.. its the perfect feeling.. you are a master chef sammy xo

  • Alberto said:

    truly great! love your portraits and detail shots!

  • Such honest work Samm.. Absolutely beautiful storytelling for such a gorgeous couple.

  • Really lovely Samm. Aimee looks so gorgeous and soooo happy. She must be thrilled to bits with these images.

  • You are a magician. You stole our souls in the most beautiful of ways and it is something we will keep close to our hearts forever. xxxx

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  • Zosia said:

    So much loveliness! Adore your work, Miss Blake!

  • Que lindo casamiento!! Que lindo registro a través de tu mirada!