San Francisco – Day Two

Woke up very late today, 11:00am, eeek! Although I am just probably getting over the jetlag, its weird because I am normally a early riser. I have been sleeping with the curtains wide open, its pretty awesome to wake up to a view like that each morning. Well since it was a late start to the day, and the workshop dinner is tonight and my legs are hurting a lot from yesterday, so I caught the trolley tram thing into Chinatown, and decided to head back downtown to the shopping area for a few hours this afternoon. Only bought a new pair of sunnies from Urban Outfitters. I was so excited to be able to go back into Urban Outfitters since they were my favorites when I was living in London, though nothing today took may fancy! I did find one really cool top but didnt have my size. One thing I must say is that I do love the American sizes. Size 10 in Australia is a size 8 here. Yes I do like that a lot. haha.

Another thing I must mention, is although Australia and the United States are very similar in so many ways, the food is really different. I went to a food court today and everything was so strangely different which I didnt expect it to be? The Japanese was different, so was the Mexican and the Chinese. I am having sushi withdrawals – I cant seem to find chicken sushi anywhere? Does it not exist here?

45 minutes until I am meeting up with Jesh and the workshop gang for dinner! Eee! :)

  • Karen said:

    hee hee I would like the sizing thing too. Oh to be a size 10 and not a size 12 again! Your view is HUGE! We are so small over here!!! I am so looking forward to your thoughts after meeting Jesh, and tuning in every day!

  • Chicken sushi!! LOL no way! I have never had chicken sushi before - I don't think the Japanese have chicken sushi either! Although, you should give the California roll a shot - just cause you're in California ;)

    Hope the dinner went well, and hope today is life changing :)

  • jennifer quen said:

    samm! i love love love your work. it is really amazing. i'm so glad to have met you at the workshop this week.