San Francisco – Day One

Today was spent walking around San Francisco, I worked out I must have walked at least 15kms (9.3 miles) today – my feet hurt like hell at the end of it, especially because I was wearing my havaianas. So one of the first touristy things I checked out was the “Crookedest Street” Lombard Street – the zigzag street featured in movies all the time. I then headed down to the Fishermans Wharf to check out the Submarine (a close family friend was rescued in WWII by this submarine), though Im going back later in the week to have a proper look. While down at the wharf I found a old photobooth! Something I was hoping to find on my journey in the USA :)

Later I checked out some shops at Union Square, wondered through Chinatown, got lunch at a sweet little Italian bakery in North Beach and then slowly wondered back to the hotel, thinking it would have been about 5pm, finding out it was 7:30pm when I got back to the hotel – forgot about daylight savings!

Not sure what tomorrow will have in store, might check out Alamo Square (the houses featured in the Full House intro), Haight Ashbury and the Golden Gate Bridge. Im going to hire a bike at the end of the week so I can ride over the Golden Gate bridge :)

  • Kirsty said:

    LOVE the new doo, the fringe works. Have fun

  • sarah said:

    sooooooooooooooooo jealous!! ;P

  • kelly said:

    geez you look like mum in those pics...hehehe

  • looks like a lovely day :) you should visit ocean beach if you get a chance - there are some ruins in that area (sutro bath ruins) - my boyfriend and i used to frequent that a lot when we lived in northern california. there's a really REALLY good mom & pop diner type place on that hilltop called Louis' :)

    oh, how i wish i was there with you! :)

  • crys said:

    if youre going to see the ladies in the am, make sure to stop by bean bag cafe of blue jays cafe for some serious hearty breakfast. the nooks on divisidero from grove to haight, even down castro are siick. if your feet dont hurt so much, walk it!
    youll find gems along the way and some decent shots. you can make your way down panhandle too for some peaceful strides to the upper haight( you can cut through the hill- and catch up on central or masonic to beat traffic).
    also, if you get a chance to run into cole valley, check out zazies cafe, hidden local spot.. scrumptious;)

  • frankright said:

    make sure you walk through the tenderloin...