paula and ben . bali


paula and ben married on the cliffs of uluwatu in bali at the amazing kyayangan estate. a big shout out to my dear friend pobke who helped photograph this amazing day with me. xo

  • Jodi Mc said:

    Every single image is a killer Samm - just divine.

  • Ya Samm, shut up :) So insane. Quit raising the bar already.

  • Jazz said:

    these make me smile :-)

  • Wow Samm, Wow! your images are stunning in every way...i love looking at your work! x

  • hugh said:

    so. jelly. ...seriously. coolest wedding ever. you killed it, sam. killed it dead.

  • hugh said:

    k, but really, those portraits of her, playing around in the drapes? gah.

  • gorgeous coverage! your post processing is the best I've seen...

  • danny said:

    Owned! - Beautimus job dears friends xx

  • dan o'day said:

    you are best photographer ever!! woo hoo!

  • ursi said:

    ahhhhhh, sammy, stunning!!!!!

  • Pobke said:

    Awesome. Beautiful. Amazing. Love reliving that beautiful trip with you, twinsie. Thank you for letting me share in that memory. :) Loves you.

  • Tasj said:

    Omg Sammy you have to be my most fav photographer out there at the moment. I just love what you do, and you are as gorgeous a person to boot. Unbelievable. I just don't believe it.

  • samm & pooks, these images are absolutely amazing - not because they're pretty and please the eyes; but for the depth of emotion, love and joy that you've both captured

  • absolutely superb sam! can i buy the first frame from you? the ocean shot. wow!

  • Delia said:

    How gorgeous! Ahhh really makes me want a holiday in Bali!

  • Analise Mongan said:

    WOW!! Just no words for how stunning these are. Paula you must be so happy with them. Amazing xxx

  • Michael said:

    beautiful Samm - love it so much :)

  • bettina said:

    OMG Samm just so amazing, can't wait for January.

  • Andreas said:

    you make me want to get married in Bali!
    lovely and touching work Samm!

  • Marc said:

    My Gosh Samm, you freaking nailed it. So lovely in every way :)

  • Anni said:

    Each of these is lovelier than the last. Amazing. You outdid yourself.

  • tog said:

    Absolutely amazing, you do such a wonderful job! :)

  • Paula said:

    Samm, we love them! Can't stop looking at them, the whole fam has been blown away!

  • Teresa said:

    Gah! Samm you are amazing. What perfect documentation. Absolutely love!<3

  • You are THE BOMB. Simply stunning. These have made me even more excited about attending your workshop next year.

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  • Samm truly amazing work. I love the white space in your art. I will make sure to save money to attend one of your workshops!!!! Insanely good!!!!

  • GOOD GRIEF!!! I think this may be my all time fav wedding EVER!!! Gorgeous colours, gorgeous people, gorgeous location and STUNNING photos! Well done :)

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  • Samm, these are all STUNNING but I especially love the ones of the bride in the curtains and in the doorway *LOVE*. Take care beautiful!

  • Hannah said:

    These are phenominal pictures, absolutely amazing.