Eiffel Tower – Paris

Third day of blogging! Thought I would post a travel picture that I have never posted! This photo was taken looking down from the Eiffel Tower in Paris while I was there in December 2006. This is the one and only photo I have while up the Eiffel Tower, my batteries in my Mamiya 6 died after this shot was taken, and my spare batteries were all the way back in London! My medium format camera takes a rare type of battery, so I didnt even bother trying to find any at the stores in Paris. Of all the places for my batteries to die! I am glad that this is the only shot I have though, I like how the people are arching around in the queue. Why would you bother waiting in line to catch the lift up? This was about 9am on a very very very cold winters morning, we took the stairs to try to get some warmth!

  • Martin said:

    That's a great and unusual perspective from the Eiffel Tower.
    Shame about the batteries!

  • Your batteries died down and I reformated a whole 8 gig card full of photographs. I guess Paris is cursed.
    Very nice shot! I envy photographers with an eye for square composition...

  • arlene bax said:

    ooooo, I love this photo. mmmm dig medium format.

  • Kirsty said:

    Too cool samm, is this the one you had up in a frame in your dining room? Its really cool

  • november said:

    ah, interesting perspective.