published in harpers bazaar

Last year I photographed the most amazing wedding of Annabel and Matthew in Fremantle, Western Australia. This wedding has by far been the most blogged wedding of mine to date. The last count I did, it has appeared on over 100 blogs. craziness!

If this was not more than enough, I was completely over the moon when Harpers Bazaar magazine contacted me, as they were putting together a one off bridal special edition for their May issue and wanted to feature this wedding.

Thank you Harpers Bazaar for the feature!




  • caz lee said:

    you lucky [and crazy talented] lady, you!!

    so thrilled for you. this is huge, only more like H U G E. srsly.

    (ps: love you) xo

  • Rog said:

    Check that off the list.
    What's next?! Knock'em dead Samm.

  • Phil said:

    Samm-a-lam, you're such an all star, I can't wait to soak up your sweet sweet knowledge in NYC.

  • Tenielle said:

    Insane props, so well deserved! Another one for the pool room xo

  • Bek said:

    congratulations Samm, i remember this one - epic.

  • Lucy said:

    Congrats! Love this wedding, fabulous photographs

  • Jordy said:

    Amazing feature. Well deserved Samm!

  • derks said:

    Awesome job! congratulations!!!

  • MJ said:

    Thats sooooo awesome Samm! I'm gonna buy the magazine!! :)) Move back to Perth! Hehehe

  • I remember this was fabulous Samm.

  • Wow.... 100 blogs and now Harper's Bazaar?!! That's amazing but well deserved. Congratulations!