This week.

I have been finishing up editing Nathalie and Andrews amazing wedding the last few days. These are a few of my favourites from their wedding :)




Jesh de Rox is in Perth this week (he is the beautiful soul I went to visit in San Francisco a few months back). We are hosting his workshop at our office and I get to spend the rest of the week hanging out with Jesh and a bunch of amazing photographers. My San Francisco trip completely changed my life, so I can only begin to imagine what this week has in store for me :)

  • Molee said:

    Sam- I follow your blog pretty religiously and am so excited for you that Jesh is in your part of the world. The workshop sounds like a blast- tell Jesh I say "hello", and hopefully I will see you in Vegas. molee

  • I'm so excited for your wonderful week- which I know it will be!

    Wonderful shots Samm

  • Clare said:

    what a beautiful bride! That car shot is just amazing. I wish I knew more about photography to say exactly what it is about it that I love. But, I don't - oh dear!

    Hope your wonderful week is going wonderfully!

  • How exciting for you to be hanging with Jesh! I bet you had a ball :)