Sat and Kuldeep – engagement shoot

I am so excited to be photographing Kuldeep and Sat’s wedding this Tuesday… we have got some awesome spots picked out for photos! Early this evening I photographed Kuldeep and Sat for their engagement session as a warm up for their wedding this Tuesday. I was very excited from the photos we got at the shoot I came straight back to the office and have been editing them all evening.. today is my first Saturday I have had off in ages.. and I spent the night on my computer.. good thing I love my job!! =) I just want to say I have such awesome clients… I love when my clients give me full creative control and trust me enough when I ask them to climb through things, stand near random old walls and sit on not very clean ground.. sometimes I get a few weird looks when I ask them to do something but more often than not, the results speak for themselves! =)

We started the shoot off by wandering around the west end of Fremantle..


Today’s mission was to photograph in all new locations… I found some pretty cool new places.


Slightly Jesh inspired ;)


Finally have mastered my 45mm Tilt Shift Lens… its beautiful.


Freo has so many awesome spots.


I love Kuldeep’s sunnies =)


We did take a walk past my favorite car park in the whole wide world…




I found this new awesome spot last week… its my new secret spot ;)


After spending an hour of so in the West End we jumped in our cars and headed up to the old wooden bridge up near the Left Bank Pub..


The light was beautiful this evening.



  • Jen said:

    Oh Sam! You lucky thing!

    I have asked for a tilt shift for my birthday. I just love your work. So beautiful, as always.

    Jen xxx

  • Jim said:

    Fantastic photo set, these are by far, some of the best "engagement" shots I have ever seen. Bravo!