Rosa and John {beloved}

Rosa and John make me smile :) I had photographed their wedding a few weeks prior to this beloved portrait shoot. They had not seen their wedding images yet and asked if they could book in a portrait session. That made me smile :)

Rosa and John asked if they could do their portrait shoot in John Forest National Park. That made me smile too. I live in Darlington and this place is my backyard. (Now you are probably confused by the fact I live in Darlington and have my office in Fremantle (45kms away). I think have the best of both worlds. I love the hustle and bustle of Fremantle and I love hanging out with the trees, birds and kangaroos in the hills :)

Another reason why Rosa and John make me smile is that everybody in their bridal party gave me a hug when I left their wedding. They say you can judge a man by the company he keeps. Its true :)

their wedding will be posted soon! xo

  • Anita said:

    Rosa and John look so content and happy - complete bliss!
    Amazing work Samm!

  • Jeremy B said:

    Beautiful work Samm! The 9th shot down (the black & white) gives me a warm and fuzzy smile :)

  • so stunning! that backdrop is just amazing. props to you for capturing all its beauty. can't wait to see their wedding!

  • Gav said:

    The location is stunning, as are your photographs Sam!

  • love this session Samm.. the colours remind me of a refreshing cucumber based summer cocktail... specially love no - 048

  • I love the nose rubbing photographs - sooo cute! What an awesome place to shoot, and an awesome place to live! I wish I could move up to the hills, but I think I'd miss being a stone's throw from the beach.

    Mind you, the light in these is making me think that's not such a bad thing..

  • Loving the intimate moments you captured in this shoot. Beautiful work and a lot of soul Samm :)

  • Hi Samm, your stuff is amazing! I am shooting in Perth this coming week and would love it if you could point me in the direction of that tunnel for some kids portraits that I have to do? I am from Brisbane and don't know the area well, but that looks like an awesome location for my style of shooting! Thanks so much, tan. :)