• and i have thoroughly enjoyed, samm... awesome

  • lovely samm blake.. lovely indeed.. (love the tiny little heart at the end too)

  • Gemma said:

    you are extremely good at capturing love.

  • Lauren said:

    :) what a lovely set.

    that dark black and white one in the middle rocks.. gorgeous!


  • Julian Beattie said:

    Awesome, set, Samm. The last 4 frames are epically cute.

  • Shakir said:

    SO BEAUTIFUL!! Really happy for you two! :) xxx

  • thembi said:

    Beautiful work Nikky!!

  • Nikky (+ Danilo) said:

    Thankyou SO much for this experience! We're even MORE in love now and didn't even think that was possible. You made a supremely shocking day absolutely memorable, despite the hardships. All we want to remember is how much fun it was to hang out with you, be ourselves, and now we have these natural, amazing, insightful images to help. You've given us such a precious gift...and I can't wait for the wedding on Sunday! See you there! xxx N+D

  • Maria said:

    Wow... talk about capturing a moment!! :) Absolutely beautiful!!

  • Camila said:

    LINDA!!!!!! rsrsrs. So beautiful. SAUDADE!!!! kisses.