my girl gwendoline

Model : Danielle Howson
Makeup : Holly Eden
Label : My Girl Gwendoline

My sister, Renee Blake, is a designer and has her own fashion label, My Girl Gwendoline. She is moving to Melbourne next week to explore bigger and better things for her career and I am sad to see her go as I now have no sisters left in Perth to dine, wine and go op shopping with. However her moving to Melbourne means a couch to sleep on so more trips to Melbourne are in the works! Hoorah! Im in Melbourne for New Years and then back again a fortnight later for the FIND workshop with Jonathan Canlas, so if anybody wants to book in a beloved shoot please get in contact with me :)

Renee and I got together recently to photograph her latest Spring / Summer collection. We trekked to a beautiful old quarry hiding in the bush I had found a few weeks earlier.

  • Gem B said:

    oh my goodness Samm what a talented family you have!! These pictures are so amazing! GORGEOUS!

  • Rebecca said:

    Beautiful! Location is stunning, your model is beautiful and I want the clothes! :)

  • trish said:

    Ooh yay I get to meet you in Melbourne :) I esp love the cream maxi dress with the much delicate style!!

  • aimee said:

    a beautiful beautiful location + shoot - love it! aren't you all a talented bunch? :)

  • Gemma said:

    She looks like an angel. Beautiful shots as always Samm.