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“If you want to know where your heart is, look where your mind goes when it wanders.” ~ Bernard Byer

  • Anya said:

    Love the quote and the images, especially the 2nd frame!

  • WOW!!!! Samm I love the happiness this image portrayed in the last frame! STUNNING! TRULY STUNNING!

  • kelly van viersen said:

    ohhh samm!! again, these are beautiful....i love the shadow and the light...and i've gotta say, i love the 2nd image so much too!!! and the last one too....well, actually all of them!! you're a star....and the quote is just divine too....suits this!

  • Kate said:

    So beautiful. So beautiful.

  • Teresa said:

    man. just mind blowing every. single. time.

  • Pobke said:

    love these, my dear twinsie. i love how you capture movement and joy always.... it's very inspiring to see you get the best of people and their love.

  • Chrissy said:

    love it Samm!

  • Hi Samm, Beautiful moments captured, so soulful. Thank you for your amazing words of inspiration at last weeks seminar. I've bought books, turned the tv off and looking within. So very glad I made the trip to Melbourne to hear you and Dan talk. You're amazing!

  • Michelle said:

    Samm, I love these images so very much. Can't stop looking at them. Stunning!

  • Tamara Sweeney said:

    Absolutely beautiful images Samm... and is that a Kozyndan picture in the background in one of one of the shots? Love their style!!!

  • Really beautiful, intimate images, I love them, and that smile at the end - perfect!

  • Ooh la la, Samm! These are romantic, sexy, casual, moody, lovely, happy, etc.... That last one makes me smile. She has a beautiful smile.

  • you are the queen of radness... love what you do xx

  • these are so lovely. i love the shots of her on the couch and him sitting at the edge on the floor.

  • shipra said:

    swept away yet again by the beauty and poignancy of your photography.

  • alyda said:

    my face needs to be punched for not leaving a comment already. love these so much sammy. realnessx50billion