• Lauren Meredith said:

    Sensational! I love the autumn leaves.

  • Gemma said:

    magical stuff Samm. Love the top B&W best.

  • claire said:

    love them all, but especially those last few

  • Gem said:

    Samm, you are the master of finding amazing secret locations! These are fantastic! I feel so spoilt with all these blog posts to drool over :)

  • the LIGHT! the LIGHT! and this : ... these are incredible! you're a magician.

  • tony warrilow said:

    I'm with Kirsty. Very super duper cool!

  • Hi Samm,
    Beautiful pictures, just beautiful! I haven't commented on your site before but i love your stuff. love it!

  • Mary said:

    These are so stunning.. Iespecially love the ones with the autumn leaves, they're gorgeous!

  • Shannon said:

    The autumn colours are so beautiful. It looks like an absolutely magic shoot.

  • Gav said:

    The shots through the leaves are incredible, I find your mastery of natural light really intriguing.