kristy and daniel {beloved}

kristy & daniel. beloved. dunsborough, western australia.

  • Steve elmer said:

    Damn, these are gorgeous. So dang pretty :P

  • Lovely :) Your photos have so much motion and movement in them.. I love the flow of your photo sessions :) xx

  • Gabe said:

    love these samm. beautiful connection.

  • julie said:

    so fantastic! beautiful. Love the grass, the connection, the water.

  • Johan said:

    Very nice. Great feel to the images. Thanks for sharing

  • Dayna said:

    These are beautiful Samm. Just gorgeous. x

  • Kristy said:

    samm, thank u so much 4 these beautiful shots, we will cherish them forever and so look forward 2 u shooting our wedding =) x

  • did i really not see these til now? forgive me sammy! just beautimous, my friend. beautimous. and might i add how impressed i am by the blogging? adore you. can't wait to see your smiling face SO SOON. xoxo

  • Kate said:

    The image 10 rows down from the top with his arms around her - looking through the reeds. Wow. Love.

  • Suzana said:

    Amei as fotos!!