kate and mark

  • i love your work samm.. not in a 'in the pants' way but it makes me feel nice :) the first colour pic = fullysweetaz.. oh and the last pic.. perfect.

  • Always love seeing your latest portrait sessions pop up :) Beautiful work. 2nd row black and white picnic scene is awesome!

  • Megan said:

    Very sweet! xo

  • michael said:

    gorgeous work Samm!

    I recognise that location, in fact you told me about it (on the plane)! I only got about 15-20min there on the day :( so not enough for an entire bridal party!

  • and man, did I enjoyed this cute portrait session (rhetorical). So you...

  • Gorgeous portraits! I really love the photograph of the two of them sitting together on the blanket. Beautiful. I love the last one too, watching through the trees, her leg up when she's hugging him. Nice work.

  • Such amazing quality of light! Lovvveee it Samm!!