Jessica and Trent


  • Anni said:

    Samm, these are beautiful... best session I've seen in some time.

  • Sheridan said:

    I love how much he's looking at her, so much love for this shoot! :)

  • Sabrina said:

    These are beautiful, they look so happy together! Love the way you've used the warm afternoon light :)

  • Gladys said:

    Samm, your work always makes me happy. You are amazinggg!

  • malia said:

    oh gosh, i LOVE these!!! such amazing work!

  • These are practically perfect in every way (I've got Mary Poppins on the mind today).

  • freedom said:

    soooo tank filled looking over them x

  • Kirralee said:

    What a cute coule - you can really see the love!

  • Oh Samm - wow wow wow - I can't stop looking at these - they blow me away!

  • tardy said:

    so glad to have found your site thru jonas peterson. love your work and these images have such a great mood!

  • Sebastian Mrugalski said:

    Brilliant Samm, such a joy looking at these. Love it! =D

  • Completely beautiful. Love the relaxed feel and all of the emotion you have captured.

  • emotion,emotion,emotion + great color. Always lovin' your work samm.

  • Wonderful, strong series. Like it a lot.

    Do you mind if I show/mention it in a post on my blog, linking back to you.

    Greetings, Marcel

  • Bec said:

    incredible session. it belongs in a magazine!

  • maria said:

    these two love each other so much, you can tell so clearly from the amazing way you've captured them!

  • Simon said:

    Just beautiful. Lovin' your work!