jess and rick


  • pen said:

    Fabulous set of images and a gorgeous couple!
    I particularly love the shot of her standing on her tippy toes for a kiss.

  • alyda said:

    love love love them! what a hot couple!

  • rowe said:

    oh samm... these are just gorgeous! im particularly crazy about their hands on ricks chest and i love love love the tight shot of them giggling with just their mouths... perfect!

  • Samm. these are probably my most favorite photos i have seen for a long time. Intense and truthful emotion, love and personality. you are incredible

  • josh said:

    This should have been at least 5 hearts :) :)

  • sui s said:

    asdf GUH. so amazing. can't wait to go to melbourne one day & get you to shoot me, too. =)

  • Gea said:

    sttuning! <3

  • jazz said:

    so so good :-)

  • samm these are all so incredible!! i love the intimate feel and film! great, great work!

  • my god how fantastic are these photos.....simply stunning

  • Adrian said:

    so cinematic. doesn't it just feel right to shoot film?

  • ho*y sh*t samm... you make my eyballs drool all the way down onto my fluttering heart meat... love this x

  • Scott said:

    just past amazing !!!

  • samm! you + film = stunning. add in a cute couple and it's magic.

  • I'll try again.. I said
    "Cute Boy... ;) and great set Sam!"
    and then I put in some kisses



  • Jessica said:

    Still completely in love with these photos. Thank you so much Samm :)

  • Mate, love your stuff. What I love the most is that your images could be anywhere in the world (apart from the odd gumtree.)