It's Ready!

In honour of my birthday (today I turn 25!) I am launching my new websites!! Brand spanking new wedding and portrait websites! Head over to to check them out!

Samm Blake Photographer

If you have any hiccups using the site please leave me a comment! I LOVE feedback :)

Decided against the background music route, I was told I would have to contact each record label to get permission and pay fees, decided it probably was not worth it because most people look at websites while they are at work!

Not long now until I jetset off to San Francisco! Getting my haircut this morning, dentist this afternoon, dinner with Micki tonight, wash all my clothes, pack, finish off some jobs for clients, email (oh I am so behind on email, I have a six hour stopover in Singapore – I intend on replying to everyone then!)

  • Deann B. said:

    Your websites are exquisite. I was in awe as I looked through every single gallery, disappointed only when there weren't more photographs to view. You've done an excellent job... congratulations.

  • Karen said:

    It's gorgeous!! and moving pretty fast for me too. Great work!

  • arlene bax said:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMMI. hope its a superbly awesome day for you. Have an absolute blast in SanFran. Can't wait to hear all about it when I see you. xxxx

  • Kirsty said:

    How hard was it turning 31 hey LOL
    Have a great day and i hope you got spoilled
    PS: the site is HOT!!!!
    Great work as always

  • Tasj said:

    Looks fabulous and happy birthday ;)

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Have a great day. Love the Becks

  • Richard said:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! be well and happy!

  • sarah said:

    excellent sammie so beautiful! gorgeous web for a gorgeous gal! have a ball in the US xxx

  • trish said:

    Wow. Really beautiful stuff. Enjoy your travels, can't wait to see the results!

  • Brackenphoto said:

    Awesome stuff Sarah.