I WON!!!

I won!!!! WOOOHOO!

First up, this has been a totally awesome week… I got into work this morning and opened up my email and find out I got first place in the kids category of the Wedding Photojournalist Association!!! The photo was taken at Amy and Craig’s wedding in December. The shot is of Amy’s little sister looking at Amy’s ring. It was a totally beautiful moment. The Wedding Photojournalist Association is a international association promoting photojournalism at weddings.. many of the worlds best photographers are members and enter these competitions. It is a complete honour to get a placing, yet alone first place! I now get to have a blue medallion next to my name on the WPJA website and score an awesome camera bag =)

and on Wednesday night, I went to the Bridal Options magazine launch at the Bluewater Grill. They had a raffle going on the night and managed to win the grand prize, a beautiful pearl necklace set in white gold and diamonds! Its really beautiful! Many thanks can go to Charles Edward Jewellers for donating the prize! I will post a photo next week along with some photos of the new bridal options magazine, I have a nice big advertisement in it this year, two feature weddings – Michaelia + Alwins wedding and Sharee + Mick’s wedding! Also I have a few photos scattered through the magazine, one from Mikala and Scott’s wedding, Catie and Lindsay’s and from Amy and Craig’s which is the image below of Amy’s sister =)



have a good weekend everyone!!

  • Ange said:

    Congratualtions Sam! I am very happy for you and love that picture.

  • Great picture. Congratulations!!! Love this high contrast style.
    Best regards

  • Gwen said:

    Beautiful! Congratulations Samm

  • Jen said:

    Wow! An amazing photo. Truly timeless. Such a well deserved win for you. Congratulations! xxx

  • Tasj said:

    Beautiful shot:) Congratulations, love your work!

  • Gorgeous shot, well done Samm, it was lovely meeting you this weekened.

  • Lara said:

    Well done Samm! you have worked hard and deserve it:) See you on the weekend at expo.
    Lara x

  • arlene bax said:

    Sammi, your the shizal manizal.

  • Mate, Your level of work is incredible. It's rare for me to find another photogs work that I really like.. but youre passed the mark easy! I'm looking forward to being inspired by more of your work!


  • Amy's 'little' sister said:

    This is me! Came across your website and thought I mind try find some photos from 2007!
    Thanks for all your amazing photos! They are all incredible.