Dillon Dog


I am down in Albany for the next few days, working on a landscape series of photography thats going on exhibition down here in September!

Coming down to Albany means spending time with my family and my beautiful old dog, Dillon. He will be 11 years old this year, he is starting to look his age! He has always been a rather mean savage guard dog (he is a Blue Heeler crossed with a German Shepard). Now that he is getting older, he is starting to be a bit more friendly and peaceful around strangers, though not too friendly that I wouldnt want to jump over the back fence at night =)

  • bohemianprose said:

    Love the dog but how can you not love dogs you are so lucky to live in Oz next time Perth, Cairns, more of the outback, hmm I'll I'll take it all for $500 Alex Tribeck (game show host)