Christiane + Christoph – Engagement Shoot

Here are some of my favourites from the pre wedding portrait session I did with Christiane and Christoph last week. These two are getting married on the beach this Thursday.

I love how the wind is playing in her hair :) I really connect with these photos. They make me have butterflies in my belly.





Looking forward to Thursday guys!

  • BeBe said:

    Hi! I just found Yours blog and I see You have many nice photos. Good work!
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  • I'm experiencing the butterflies when looking at these images too! I think it's because of the intense love that you can see & feel between the couple in these images.
    Beautiful work Samm. Just gorgeous.


  • Nick Bracken said:

    Hey Samm,

    Love the images! I was also wondering if by chance you could tell if you know any South Australian wedding photographers?

    Thanks :)

  • A perpetual state of "butterflies in your belly" - wouldn't it be wonderful?

    These photographs are truly remarkable. They're alive and living.