• absolutely gorgeous, sammy. this is what it's all about. love, happiness, heart, depth. just beautiful. PS was hoping you'd put up their polaroids too... i dream about those polaroids! :)

  • wei said:

    yup, yup, yup, yup! ♥ the last image.

  • trish said:

    oh wow. so much realness going on here, beautiful, beautiful set!!

    And I love them corn rows :)

  • cole said:

    pretty tough to make two people look more comfortable together in front of the camera then this..... wicked stuff!

  • Anya said:

    Amazing captures, so pure!

  • Andrea said:

    Beautifully captured. I love it when you are with a beautiful women that is not afraid to smile with love. it's magic x

  • Nikky said:

    Such love and joy in your pictures Samm. Just beautiful. xx

  • hailey said:

    Oh sooo beautiful!

    A delight to see your stunning work. ;)

  • ariel said:

    wow. wow. such emotion filled images. amazing to see.

  • Kheng said:

    Nice pics... very simple and full of emotions. Have been following your work for a while now and I am always inspired with the simplicity of your presentation.

  • Chloe said:

    What lovely captures of this striking couple. I think I love them together, they're beautiful.
    Feather+Stone pointed me in your direction and I'm very grateful they did-I like your photos. You're a nice kind of cool.

  • your tones from this session are unreal. i absolutely love them.

  • Beautiful session! this couple is so lovely. She is radiant. Real; beautiful.