Part 2 of Anita and Travis! They were married on a Sunday and a few days later on the Wednesday, we meet up again to continue the photography goodness. I remember the very first time I met Anita last year she told me so wanted to include her two beloved beagles somehow in her wedding images. oh my i was excited. I love dogs. I just got a beagle puppy myself….. an instant bond was made, the topic of conversation for a long while was beagles. It was not possible to have her two dogs at the wedding ceremony, so the idea of doing another shoot on another day came to life. Michael and I had such a great afternoon hanging out with Anita and Travis and of course Basil and Bailey.. It was such a pleasure spending so much time with this amazing couple and their two beautiful dogs.

  • tony warrilow said:

    My dog, Baxter Malloy, thinks this is your very best wedding shoot ever.

  • Absolutely stunning shots. The dogs are gorgeous. I love the photo where Travis is resting his head up against one of the dogs. What a wonderful setting for the photo's. The beach shots are just gorgeous. The photo's have a dreamy quality about them.

  • Simply great this part 2, really loving the shots with dogs! Cheers!

  • oeil said:

    just beautiful and very inspirational! fresh take on the beach :)

  • Samm, I've been watching your work on the beloved movement website, you do such lovely work. These pictures are beautiful and deep.

  • Gabe said:

    Samm...i am not even really sure what to say about this set and the other hundred plus before this. your work is so incredibly beautiful. it's timeless. real. emotional. simple. gorgeous. you create and capture beautiful moments that your couples will look back at for years to come with smiles on their faces. i wish you and Michael much love and infinite happiness.

  • Beck said:

    oooh! What a great idea! I wish we'd thought of that!! :)

  • Alice said:

    Just can't get enough of those dog shots where one ear is flapping in the wind... precious. Of course your images with the couple are gorgeous too :)

  • Loving the photos, in particular the feet (second last one above). Great use of light and colour. Beautiful work