Ameera Jane – Portrait Session

I meet Heather and Cameron in February after Heather enquired about getting some maternity shots done, we did those in the middle of February (yet to be blogged!) and a few weeks later Ameera popped out! A little over a week ago Heather and Cameron bought in their new bub into the studio to be photographed. Ameera was not really in the mood to be photographed, and as the session was coming to the end, I felt like I had not got enough photos! However after looking at the photos and editing them I think they turned out great!

I think this is a fabulous way of displaying multiple images from a portrait shoot or wedding – I am going to be doing up a sample for my studio soon.


Ameera’s great grandmother knitted her this blanket!



One without the beanie on =)

. .
  • Samm the photo of the bubby with the beanie in the bowl is like the BEST baby photo i have ever seen! So gorgeous!! x

  • Bree said:

    These pics are way too cute.


  • Jen said:

    New born photos are SO hard, in my opinion.

    Love every single one of them.

    You totally nailed it Samm.

  • Martin said:

    I love the second last one - the short DOF works very well!
    Which lens were you using for that photo?

  • arlene bax said:


  • Heather-Jayne said:

    Oh...she is so gorgeous! I think I may be a little bias though :) they look as professional as professional comes and they are exactly what we wanted. THANKYOU