Amber and Gary were such a pleasure to spend time with and photograph. I enjoyed our beloved shoot immensely. It was also Gary’s birthday the day we did this shoot which made it all the more special. I think its such a nice way to spend ones birthday :) I am photographing Amber and Gary’s wedding next month in Margaret River. I cannot wait, its going to be an amazing day :)

This was my first complete film shoot (well except for the very last frame). I am making the transition of shooting more film in my portrait and wedding work. I have always been a film shooter, shooting the first 4 years of my wedding photography career all on film but in 2007 somehow caved into going digital. It was mostly due to the frustrations of not having a good photo lab to work with to scan my films. Ive finally found an awesome lab, Richards Photo Lab, who have been amazing to work with. I always kept shooting film for my personal fine art and travel work. I think and shoot differently when shooting film. It slows me down and my creativity seems to flow more. It makes me look harder for that isolated beautiful moment. After attending Jonathan Canlas’s FIND workshop in Melbourne in January (more on this later), I made the decision I need make the transition back into film with my portrait and wedding work. When I am editing my digital work, I spend hours trying to make it look like my film work, so I decided I should just shoot film and be done with losing my life in front of a computer. I am loving the process of making the transition back to my sweet sweet love of film. ❤

  • Sam said:

    Wow! What a stunning couple Samm! I love each and every frame.

  • wow... super duper gorgeous session. love the film, looks fabulous. and her hair is just friggin amazing. :)

  • One of my favourite sets of yours yet!! Huge props for taking the time and the courage to step back into film :)

  • Nessa K said:

    It's obvious that you and film were made for one another.

  • kelly van viersen said:

    super beautiful, as always always capture perfect beauty at the perfect time! love it : )

  • Johan said:

    Great work Samm! Really like this film trend going on. I assume this is Porta 400 and Contax 645 and you really make the best of it! Looking forward to see more of your film work in the future. Best // Johan

  • I met Gary at a conference last month. In the five minutes we talked before we parted ways he expressed how excited he is for his wedding in a few weeks. What a coincidence that you are his photographer! Love your work Samm, all the best for the wedding in MR!

  • Gabe said:

    you and film go together like peanut butter and jelly. amazing set Samm. love the feel that film brings to your images.

  • Marc said:

    I love the look Samm! I'm making the transition to film in my work too! Best of luck to you and your return to film work =)

  • these are so beautiful. i always think your work looks like film and it's so gorgeous.

  • Gorgeous, Samm. Such an amazing set and the film aspect just makes it all the more sublime to me!

  • Nirav said:

    Incredible Samm!!! LOVE your film work. Glad we'll be able to see much more of it.

  • I think I like this one the most - just something about the feel of them...