wandering and wondering in melbourne

I wander and wonder what life would be like living in the city I am visiting. These are from some of my wanderings around Melbourne and Canberra in January.

  • Michael Wachniak said:

    Like button. :) really awesome shots, lots of character.

  • Such a unique and beautiful perspective Samm. It's so easy to see from your work that you're a true artist. Such character and soul.

  • naaw! sammy! these are amazing, especially the ones with me in them ;) ... no but seriously, beautiful captures.. love

  • Pobke said:

    I love your wanderings. :) Just want to tell you I'm grateful for your friendship. :)

  • Ben said:

    These are the type of photos I would love to be able to take.

  • love it
    did the same thing last time I was in Melbourne..
    the Commit no Nuisance sign tickled my fancy too...

  • what a lovely post. i think i need to wander around my city some more!

  • Chloe said:

    My husband is from Canberra & I never saw this much cool when I was there. Must look harder. These are all beautiful. The kind of photos I'd buy in a gallery to put on my wall. Beautiful.

  • Such everyday objects turned into art. I love photography!!