my mother tells me i should stop go and get a real job but that cant be the way that i roll from cartwheels & pinwheels on Vimeo.

Im all about setting myself little projects, things that make me challenge myself with my work, make me grow as an artist. Ive had this fear of photographing strangers for a long time and it was about time I overcome it. I made this little video as part of a artist collective I am part of, documenting my attempt on a very hot summers day, asking a few strangers if I could take their portrait. I just got the film back from the lab so I thought I would put up the portraits I got. I still have a long way to go on this project. This is just the very start :)

  • Jess said:

    Awesome Samm!! Well done!! xx

  • Melody said:

    Wow! How amazing & inspirational are you!

    Love love love this Samm! Awesome work! xxx

    Ps. PMSL - almost literally @ the guy at the end!!!

  • Pam Williams said:

    love your work, this is just the start of an amazing journey...

  • samm i seriously love you. thanks for making my brain a better place.

  • Sarah said:

    I can't tell you how much I love this. Great job, Samm!

  • alyda said:

    these are really really really great Sammy!

  • I'm so stoked that you have the drive and guts to go out and undertake a huge personal challenge like this, props to ya Samm :)

  • hailey said:

    Aw Samm - I am afraid too! Great to see you conquer this... you give me inspiration!
    Beautiful work as always. xoh

  • Loren said:

    Ooh I really like this idea ! Not an easy feat but people are so interesting !!

  • This is such a great project, I agree. It is so hard to approach strangers, but sometimes they are the best photo's. Just be brave. Did you ask for their consent to post it, just for your moral obligation as I know you own the photo's once it is taken... just curious what other's do.

  • sui said:

    this is wonderful!

    excited to see you chase your passion & become a street photojournalist. DO IT! :)

  • I find it the opposite - Im fine with photographing strangers, it's more photographing people I KNOW that I find awkward... might have to do a project on friends then. Good thinking.