show dogs

A new series I have started working on about show dogs. These are just a few images from one visit to the Perth Royal Show recently. Over the last few months, I have been working on building my documentary portfolio website. You can see it by visiting . At the same time, I made a tumblr page to put up my personal photography also. You can take a look at . I am in the process of building an online print shop to sell some of my images. It will be launching soon :)


  • Sammy! where were you hiding this project?!! love this

  • aimee said:

    yay! been waiting to see these :) :) awesome stuff, you rock your contax :)

  • michelle said:

    love love love! ps the bull mastiff is the spitting image of my bear-bear. love of my life. along with husband and children. of course. love!

  • nirav said:

    These are awesome Samm!! Looks like your putting that lens to use :)

  • I have been inspired by you before Samm to do some more personal work. I love that you find the time to take photographs for yourself. I am going to document my holiday over christmas with my family, I can't wait..

  • Simon said:

    Looking good - I'd like to see more!

  • AC said:

    Positively lovely.

  • Jo said:

    Just loving these. That periwinkle gown is stellar!