a favorite from 2012.

Coney Island, Brooklyn, USA 

So 2012 happened.

& I am not really sure where it all went.

I think back on the last 52 weeks and its a complete blur. So many photographs still to publish here from the year of adventuring about. I am starting to compile my favourite images from 2012 and just stumbled across this one I had completely forgotten about.

Taken during my time living in New York in 2012, I spent a bit of time down at Coney Island and Brighton Beach. I like this image because it reminds me not to be to scared asking strangers for photographs. A simple hello can lead to a million things.


  • Kat Hill said:

    Love this! The colours are just beautiful :) Happy new year!

  • Johna said:

    Great pic. Keep posting, I want to see more! :)

  • :) I love this. I need to try asking strangers to take their photos this year...

  • rich said:

    such great advice - love the photo!