My sister, Renee Blake, studies fashion at Tafe. She is in her final year and has just finished her couture pieces. She is currently putting together her look book and asked if I would be keen to shoot some photos for her. I was definitely keen and called on my dear friend, Arlene Bax, to do the lovely modelling. Arlene and I studied photography at Edith Cowan University together (we also went to high school together), she would always gracefully accept to be my model in whatever crazy ideas I came up with for assignments! Anyway she was a perfect model for Renee’s outfits and we got some awesome shots. The above are two of my favourites. A lot to come soon!


This photograph is part of the exhibition I have in Albany starting at the end of September. The exhibition is part of the Great Southern Art and Craft Trail. The booklet has just been released so if you see it, grab a copy, pack your bags and head down to Albany for the weekend to check out my photography up in Dylans on the Terrace! (Oh and check out the other 60 artists exhibiting their work throughout the Great Southern over the next few months).

I have been tagged by Scarlett for a blogging game. i have to share 8 fun facts about myself and then make 8 others do the same. find out about me and then go the the next 8 victims to see what they have to say!

1. i love love love being a photographer. I can’t imagine doing anything else for a career. I love my job and love the lifestyle it offers me.

2. Last year, I traveled around the world with my boyfriend. We traveled through Singapore, Thailand, China, India, England, Wales, Scotland, France, The Netherlands and the USA. My favourite place was New York. We were living in London for a bit but I missed my photography business so much, we decided to come home and now cannot be happier!

3. i am a perfectionist.

4. If I did not end up being a photographer, I would have been a graphic designer. Though growing up I always wanted to be a interior designer. I always always destined for a creative job =)

5. I was born in Kojonup and lived there until I was four years old, I then moved to Albany where I lived until I was 17 and then moved to Perth to study at university.

6. I went on a student exchange to Japan when I was 12 years old.

7. I am already planning my next overseas adventure. I am planning on heading back to Japan and also to travel throughout South East Asia more. I am just trying to find a four week period where I have no weddings booked which is proving to be a difficult task =)

8. I love dogs, I cant have one at the moment because my place in South Perth is too small. Hopefully I can get a puppy next year when I buy my own place.. hopefully she (I have already decided it will be a girl) will be able to come to the studio and hang out with me at work each day…

the victims:

Kirsty Aksentiew

Arlene Bax

Sarah Perfrement

Okay thats all the people who I know have not been tagged already… so if you have not been tagged yet, this is a virtual tag to you and consider yourself tagged!!



Last week was a busy week indeed, 3 engagement shoots and the big TAFE job photographing the final year fashion students! I am a little behind on my emails so if you are expecting a reply it will be coming through soon, I have just been so busy editing all of these portrait shoots!

Well last Thursday Danni and Matt came up from Mandurah with their two kids for their engagement shoot. They are getting married in October down in Mandurah. I am really looking forward to photographing their wedding as they are both so friendly (and so is their daughter!!). Since they have children, I told Danni and Matt to bring them along for the shoot, so it ended up being more of a family portrait session than just an engagement shoot! We meet up at my studio in Fremantle and wandered around the old streets in the west end for location spots. The weather was beautiful for the shoot: overcast and cloudy – my favourite! (Overcast days are always better for shooting, as harsh sunlight is not very flattering! On your wedding day you will probably be praying for sunshine and I will be praying for clouds and it be overcast!! =)

Well I got some great shots of them all but here are three of my favorites:

First up, Danni and Matt – I cant remember what they were laughing about but I love the expressions on their face!


Family portrait – I love how no one is looking at the camera or in the same direction. My favorite type of family portrait.


Danni and Matt’s two kiddies..Xander and Chloe – they are both so cute and very photogenic!
















Yesterday afternoon was spent with Sharee and Mick shooting their prewedding portrait. We spent a few hours wandering around Fremantle and I got some awesome shots of them! Sharee and Micks wedding is in October and will be one of the first weddings to start off the wedding season. They were both so friendly and so easy to talk to – I know their wedding is going to be awesome! I can’t wait for it!!

If you are thinking about getting a pre wedding / engagement shoot done, I really do recommend it! It’s a great way for me to get to know you before the wedding – I get a bit more of a understanding of your style and personality. Also having the pre wedd shoot also gets you far more relaxed in front of the camera before the wedding and if you think about it… do you have a really have a nice portrait of both of you? probably not!

Engagement sessions can be booked in for anytime I am available (basically whenever I am not shooting a wedding) – I understand many of you guys work mon – fri, so Saturday and Sunday sessions are always available. Sunday is actually a great day to do it as you have more time to get ready and we also have a lot more time in going to different locations.

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