At the beginning of this year I was interviewed by the good folks at Visual Supply Company, an awesome company in the United States who make cool things for photographers. They also featured some of my work. Check out the feature here.

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The birch trees were

pale silouhettes

we darted through like ghosts.

Quiet footstpes

and rustling leaves

and your fingers

just beyond my reach.

I was all leaves

and waving grass

and quiet streams

in your arms.

- (EC)

Rebecca and Willie were married on a late Thursday afternoon in July in Portland, Oregon. They opted for a very small and intimate outdoor wedding ceremony at a friends property in Portland. They had about 20 guests in total at the ceremony and dinner to follow that evening at a restaurant called Luce. The whole day was so simple but so incredibly beautiful.

So glad I could travel to this beautiful pocket of the world and experience the Pacific North West and very thankful to my dear pal Dan O’Day along who came along for the adventure and help me document the day.

Oncewed featured this wedding on their site last week. Have a look at the feature here.

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Victoria and Raph were married at Shakespeares Point at Neilsen Park in Sydney earlier this year. I came along and took some pictures for them. It was a pretty amazing day, the sun shone, there was a bride and a groom madly in love, a pretty dress, an accordion player, people were merry, the waves were crashing and the sunset was lovely. Beautiful words and stories were spoken about loved ones, tears  fell and laughter filled the room. People ate good food and danced the night away to  great music. All the ingredients were there for a beautiful wedding and it lived up to all that it was meant to be, a mighty fine day.



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Earlier this year, I traveled to a little place in New Zealand called Waiheke Island to document the celebrations of the amazing wedding of Erin & Scott. Today their wedding is featured on Style Me Pretty. Check it out.

I will feature this wedding on here very soon. x


A few favorites from Prerna and Thor’s wedding in New York City in September. We gallivanted around Manhattan taking pretty pictures in Grand Central Station and Central Park. Can’t wait to share this wedding on here soon.



While I was living in New York this year, I started a new body of work about the people who go down to the Brighton Beach broadwalk in Brooklyn. I spent a lot of time down there where I walked and talked with many of the locals, and then I became very intrigued by the people sitting on the benches staring out to the ocean. What are they thinking about? Who are they? What lives have they lead? What stories do they have to tell? What are they waiting for? Since seeing the aftermath of Sandy last week, these people have been on my mind a lot . I hope they are all okay. I have read stories about elderly being stuck in their apartments since the storm.




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Sarah and Rob were married on a wet & rainy morning in Melbourne. They had a intimate little ceremony with their closest loved ones, followed by a long lunch at Siglo Bar. We dodged many a raindrop while we wandered the lane ways and the many pedestrians in Chinatown. The following day, they put on their wedding attire again and had a big fancy dinner and a night of dancing with all their family and friends at the Newport Substation.

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